What Are Our Signature Strengths?

People enjoy our sessions, find then extremely useful and leave feeling inspired and resourceful. We know that a logical argument alone, however brilliantly delivered is often not enough to bring about behavior change; especially the entrenched behaviours that people need to let go of in the face of organisational change. So we have developed especially deep expertise and insight in those areas where the emotional connection is as important as the rational one.

Building Great Leadership
Teams »

Leadership Team retreats have become something of a specialty for us. Having assembled the right members, team leaders are keen to do as much as they can to set up their teams for success.

Executive Communication »

Senior Leaders need to influence and inspire the talented teams around them to produce their best work, their most insightful thinking and their most effective activities. To do this their communication must be personal, inspirational and memorable.

Skills for productive conversations »

Talented people won’t speak if they feel nobody is listening, or if they fear reprisals or other negative consequences. In this context, leadership listening is mission critical.

Leading with Values,
Leading with You »

Leaders who can boast success in the long term tend to have internalized a leadership identity that reflects their own unique blend of personality, character, values and beliefs. It’s real and it’s authentic.

Pushing leadership skills down the hierarchy »

Traditionally if you’re not formally a leader then you are by definition a follower. The impact of the internet on how business works has changed that.

Client stories »

We care about getting the right outcomes as much as you do. We are absolutely on your side. We engage our clients in thought provoking conversations that crystallise the precise areas where leadership development is needed. Your situation is unique, so we work hard to understand it.