Building Great Leadership Teams

Why We Do It

Leadership teams are made up of people who must represent their own respective constituencies as well as working towards the collective purpose. Tension is inherent in the system, regardless of the personalities involved.

Most leadership teams comprise highly talented individuals who are geographically dispersed – we know that the more diverse, talented and virtual the team, the harder it becomes to collaborate well.

Team dynamics are critical and trust is the most precious commodity. Team members must be able to have productive conversations across these natural "fault lines". They need decent levels of emotional intelligence and strong communication skills.

What we do

We help leadership teams to build an environment of mutual respect and trust where collaboration can thrive.

We act as a lightning rod for clarity around shared purpose and then we help teams to have the important and sometimes difficult conversations around how to achieve this that they might prefer to avoid.

The elephant in the room often has an uncannily loud voice: we help teams listen to what it has to say, get into productive conversation with it and use its insights to make genuine progress.