Skills for Productive Conversations

Why We Do It

All too often, there is a disconnect in organisations between intent and action, frequently driven by uncertainty or fear of some kind. Leaders need candid feedback and open and honest comment on how things look from the perspective of those doing the work. Candour often flees authority so people don’t always speak up.

Talented people are unlikely to speak up about challenges and opportunities if they feel it’s not worth the effort. So leadership listening is mission critical: it buys confidence and trust and it brings about the right environment for productive dialogue, where people feel empowered to share their insights and ideas.

What we do

We help leaders to create the conditions for people to have the right conversations in the right way, and coach them in the conversational tools that allow them to be excellent role models in doing this themselves.

We help you figure out what is stopping people from speaking candidly in your current environment. We show you how to go out on a listening brief, how to engage honestly and humbly with people without undermining your authority and how to bring about the conversations that really matter.