Pushing leadership skills down the hierarchy

Why We Do It

The assumption for a long time in business has been that if you're not formally a leader then you're by definition a follower. This no longer holds true.

Value is increasingly created between employees directly sharing their knowledge and expertise, without the need for formal leadership. Being an authority is as important as being in authority.

Changing organisational structures and business culture mean even those in formal management roles need to be able to influence without formal authority.

The hierarchy dies hard and siloes are not readily relinquished without a fight: yet collaboration and "boundaryless" working has never been more important.

What we do

We take essential leadership skills around communication, influencing and relationship building to where they are needed regardless of reporting line.

We educate and coach key employees on how to influence, how to resolve differences, how to reach out and build relationships before you need them, and how to request and offer feedback that improves results and strengthens relationships.

Organisations are at quite different stages of evolution in their approach to moving leadership capability to the periphery. We start from where you are and work in partnership with you from that point.