Colin Hatfield Senior Partner, Visible Leaders

I began my career in advertising and branding. With two others, we established and rapidly grew our brand experience agency, In Real Life which we sold after five years to Chime pls. At that point, I made the transition to strategic communications where I could see there was an opportunity to apply brand-building techniques to personal communications. This is what I’ve been doing since 2006, first as a partner in The Leadership Agency, and later in my own business which I set-up in 2010.

I launched Visible Leaders in January 2013. Our team of experts includes ex journalists, TV presenters, impact coaches, communication consultants, even a couple of barristers. Our scope is truly global – we have team members based in the US, Japan, Singapore and Australia as well as the UK. In addition to working in these markets, this year we have also worked in mainland Europe, China and Brazil.

When I’m not having to herd or taxi any of my three sons, I can be found pointing my beloved Belgian road-bike up a Chiltern hill, and from time to time the odd Alp or Pyrenean peak.