Cathy Ferguson, Senior Partner
Ferguson Leadership

I am an experienced global consultant, with 25 years experience in leadership and team development. I'm very outcomes focused in my approach and passionate about helping people to understand what drives their behaviour, and how they can control those drivers rather than being controlled by them. This understanding is the key to behavior change that lasts.

I set up Ferguson Consulting in 1992 after a holding a number of corporate management roles. I'd become frustrated with the low level of impact in the workplace of much of the management and leadership training I encountered and wanted to provide more relevant and pragmatic training programmes.

The importance of leadership communication in building trust, belief and engagement became increasingly clear to me – especially making those crucial human connections in a professional context. I launched Ferguson Leadership to do more with this insight.

With two teenage daughters the importance of listening is never far from my mind. Nor how easy it is to get it wrong! They provide plenty of practice in walking the talk.

Relaxation for me is to escape into a good book: I'm constantly in thrall to my favourite authors and in awe of the way they use language to weave their own particular brand of communication magic.